Following Shenzhen, Another Five-star Hyatt Hotel Chose Gani Marble Tiles


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Vladivostok is a Russian seaport city, the capital and the future gateway of the Far East, with a focus on tourism development.

Following the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Shenzhen, GANI successfully bid for the Hyatt Hotel in Vladivostok Russia by virtue of the advantages of delivery time, color, price and maintenance cost. With excellent product quality and attentive service, GANI are favored by designers and owners. Adhering to the concept of customer first, the professional team at headquarters can provide customers with an overall solution, reflecting the precise high-end service and professionalism, to reduce customer costs and improve project benefits.


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Project Information:

Products: Crema Marfil (Bathroom), Ivory Travertino(Facade)

Quantity: 8000 m²

"Unattainable" design drawings?

We found that the drawing given to us by the design unit is very different from the drawing in China, the side groove is 1.2mm, the groove is 3.5mm away from the tile surface, which means that the groove is not centered but closer to the surface. The project engineers all thought that it is impossible to realize. Because it is easier to fracture when processing, secondly, the exterior walls are more likely to break down when fighting wind resistance.

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But the owner insisted that the relevant drawings issued by the design unit in accordance with the strict construction standards in Europe, and refused to modify them. According to this processing requirements, the damage rate is very high. 

Customer first, GANI strives to overcome all problems

Our engineers of facade projects offered two proposals. But their engineer said that the keel for this dry hanging had been finished and could not be changed because of product.

Adhering to the principle of customer first, to solve their difficulties, after a week of repeated research and measuring , we finally decided to test. It took a day to get the right blade from all over the city.

With excellent quality and stable performance, the test of GANI product is successful!

The result of the test was satisfactory. Our products are high quality with great hardness, no deformation, the owner and contractor were happy that GANI products have achieved the effect they wanted, both in stone effect restoration and stable performance, which not only solved the construction problem, but also reduced the cost.

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Due to the high requirements on blade, tile and machine, we can not process too fast, which makes our delivery time relatively slow, but customers were very satisfied with our technology and products and willing to wait. The customer highly praised GANI and indicated that there is a big chance he will choose GANI for his next Hyatt hotel project!

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As the pioneer and leader of marble tiles, Gani uses the latest technology to restore 99.9% of the natural beauty, vein and texture of natural stone. In addition to good products, it is more important to provide good service. Customer satisfaction is our motivation. As always, GANI will continue to do its best to serve our customers from the heart and to create maximum value for our customers.

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