• Bianco Venato Marble Tiles

    Bianco Venato Number: D9272826SP Bianco Venato reproduces the original textures of natural rocks along the western coast of Italy. The grey and white texture stretches in varying depth, which enriches the sense of space and brings grace to ordinary life.

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  • Oro Carrara Marble Tiles

    Oro Carrara Number: D9272825SP Given birth in Carrara, Italy, the marble mecca of the world, Oro Carra is one of the best marble choices. Its whole body is creamy white, setting an elegant and serene vibe of the whole space. The streamlined texture of Oro Carrara serves as the background in natural light, bringing in brightness to the space and lightening the atmosphere of your home.

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  • Bianco Lincoln Marble Tiles

    Bianco Lincoln Number: D*2823BM Bianco Lincoln is a white marble quarried from the United States, with a pure white base that is seemingly randomly but uniquely embellished with light gold nuggets, interspersed with simple, atmospheric light grey linear textures, highlighting its luminous and warm texture.

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  • Bianco Orientale Marble Tiles

    Bianco Orientale Number: D*2824BM Bianco Orientale marble is quarried in Sichuan China, with a creamy white background and a large area of light gold natural flowing texture, randomly distributed and sparse orderly, highlighting the noble and timeless, clear and dynamic temperament.

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