Factory Facility

The world's largest marble tiles specialized product base

GANI has made the world's largest investment in its production and R&D base, a specialized marble tile production base, with more than 100 million USD investment and an area of over 430 thousand m². 

GANI has set up a long-term partnership with the most advanced equipment and materials suppliers, professional research agencies in Italy, Spain, Germany and China. 

  • 6 production lines

  • Output 1 million sqm/month

  • 1300+ employment in total

  • With 150 R&D staffs 


Billion Pixel Scanner

Original from: Germany

The develop and application of all products are designed by famous designers from all over the world. With the most advanced imaging devices, selecting high quality Grade A marble as model and build the marble gallery, GANI adopting high definition technologies to restore texture, vein, surface effect and feeling 1:1 of the natural marble. The surface are the same as natural marble with real feeling.

喷墨 (1).png喷墨 (4).png


Skip-printing technology for multiple surfaces+Ink-jet printing machine

GANI adopts the most advanced ink-jet equipment available in market and proprietary multi-nozzle spraying technology, enabling a perfect integration between veins and patterns.



Kiln: Temperature and rollers

Adopting global advanced deformation control proprietary technology and fully vitrification technology to fire in high temperature in 1230C and long period, the flatness is good and vitrification degree is high.

Increase 15% of rollers  in the kiln for seamless joint paving performance as nature marble

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