900*2700mm Natural Infinity Series

GANI New Products Launch 900*2700mm Natural Infinity Series To make a greener living space for our clients, GANI MARBLE TILES launched a new series – 900x2700mm Natural Infinity Series.They are Locke Blue Grey, Louis Grey, Oro Carrara, Bianco Venato, Maui Grey, Atlantic Grey, Jas Tuff, Verde Calacatta, Verde Lapponia.

  • Verde Calacatta Marble Tiles

    Verde Calacatta Marble Tiles

    Verde Calacatta

    Number: D9278888SP

    Verde Calacatta, green lines threadded with golden patches, expresses a sense of luxury. The elegant and flexible lines make the whole space more pure and fashionable, which is in line with the urban pursuit of simplicity.

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  • Bianco Venato Marble Tiles

    Bianco Venato Marble Tiles

    Bianco Venato

    Number: D9272826SN

    Bianco Venato reproduces the original textures of natural rocks along the western coast of Italy. The grey and white texture stretches in varying depth, which enriches the sense of space and brings grace to ordinary life.

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  • Verde Lapponia Marble Tiles

    Verde Lapponia Marble Tiles

    Verde Lapponia

    Number: D9278788SN

    Inspired by the rare stones on the Norwegian mountains, Verde Lapponia contours hills on a canvas with its rich and harmonious colour combination. Just like an oil painting, the green hills, wheat fields and crops, form a comfortable and relaxing vibe for ordinary people. It serves as a perfect background wall for interior design.

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  • Oro Carrara Marble Tiles

    Oro Carrara Marble Tiles

    Oro Carrara

    Number: D9272825SP

    Given birth in Carrara, Italy, the marble mecca of the world, Oro Carra is one of the best marble choices. Its whole body is creamy white, setting an elegant and serene vibe of the whole space. The streamlined texture of Oro Carrara serves as the background in natural light, bringing in brightness to the space and lightening the atmosphere of your home.

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  • Maui Grey Marble Tiles

    Maui Grey Marble Tiles

    Maui Grey

    Number: D9275902SP

    Maui Grey comes from the unique texture of the reflection of Caerphilly Castle on a lake. The overall design is grey, but the intricate changes are displayed through the gradual change of light and darkness. The warm grey tone is low-key and bears warmth, suitable for multi-space applications.

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  • Louis Grey Marble Tiles

    Louis Grey Marble Tiles

    Louis Grey

    Number: D9275901SP

    Louis Grey is inspired by the veining pattern of natural rocks in Tuscany, Italy. Being quiet and sedate, the grey veining pattern integrates itself into the European fashion. The irregular white and grey lines create an expanded home space for unlimited sparks of inspiration.

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  • Locke Blue Grey Marble Tiles

    Locke Blue Grey Marble Tiles


    Number: D9278887SP

    Locke Blue Grey, as indicated in its name, is an abstract display of waves of the endless sea. It is carefree and easy-going, mysterious and vibrant, adding a few touches of vitality to the space. Its color contrast injects natural vibrance and agility to your house. The large-area continuous pattern restores the natural vibe of the stone, where you will feel the bless of nature.

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  • Jas Tuff Marble Tiles

    Jas Tuff Marble Tiles

    Jas Tuff

    Number: D9272840SP

    Jas Tuff, quarried in Turkey, has the grey-yellow background which is so soft and warm that injects elegance and style to the whole area, relieving people from stress. Its tone can be matched to all colour schemes and versatile home styles.

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  • Atlantic Grey Marble Tiles

    Atlantic Grey Marble Tiles

    Atlantic Grey

    Number: D9275903SP

    Atlantic Grey is quarried in Turkey. It is welcome by lots of people because of its subtle changes of warm grey tone, introducing people into a heart-warming visual experience. The infinite extension of its pattern makes it a versatile match for different furnishings.

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