• 1.How many marble tiles products does GANI have?

    GANI is known as the creator of Marble Tiles. Marble Tiles, capturing the natural beauty of marble with high performances of porcelain tiles, represent GANI’s solution for a responsible use of marbles’ application. We have 62 types of marble tiles with 115 regular items, including 9 color series with Big Slabs and Featuring Wall items.

  • 2.What 's Gani value proposition?

    GANI is known as the creator of Marble Tiles. Marble Tiles. As a technological innovation pioneer of marble tiles, GANI dedicated itself to developing the best marble tiles in worldwide through upgrading the product technologies year by year. Besides, we have a strong system support with largest specialized R&D and production based mostly patents and proprietary technologies in the field and largest stone gallery in China.

  • 3.What makes GANI Marble Tiles different?

    The GANI marble tiles character in satisfied quality, nature effect, full product system and project application. From quality points, we have excellent performance in flatness, low water absorption, breaking strength, anti-slip, hardness, and water resistance; stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Our products have high standard of similarity to nature marble in ranges and colors, vein, nature brightness, touching feeling, and texture, etc.

  • 4.Where is the inspiration/purpose of GANI Marble Tiles?

    The inspiration comes from passion of nature marble, respect and mission to project environment Marble is fascinating the human kind since the rise of every civilization. Marble’s beauty is universal and we can’t renounce to it, but at the same time it is extremely fragile. So many wonderful marbles don’t exist anymore. Our mission is to create an alternative option, which doesn’t require the destruction of that beauty we admire so much, without renouncing to it.

  • 5.Where can I find GANI in region?

    Marble Tiles have been widely recognized by various sectors and customers. The sales network of GANI MARBLE TILES covers more than sixty countries around the world like Italy, France, America, and Australia. With more than five hundreds franchised stores in China and around the world. To find your local distributor, please find us in contact page.

  • 6.Can marble tiles custom made? Do you have R&D center to support the system?

    Yes, customization is welcomed. We also have over 300 items in exclusive stone gallery. GANI production and R&D base is the world’s largest investment in specialized marble tile production base, of more than 100 million USD investment and over 430 thousand sqm.it has 1000 working stuffs and a monthly output of nearly 1 million sqm.

  • 7.What else can you provide besides the marble tiles products?

    We have complete product support system besides marble tiles collection, water jet medallion, and mosaic, boarder, frames, steps, furniture, doors and drywall system.

  • 8.Do you have any project experiment global,where and what are they?

    GANI proactively delivers its quality products and services to dozens of famous projects like hotels, shopping malls, airports, deluxe apartments in Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, Sydney, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Now more than 1 million families choose GANI MARBLE TILES. For all information, please refer to our project pages.

  • 9.How can support the designers?

    GANI working closely with designers around the world and we have a full system to design partners for their unlimited inspiration. Supported by our strong product systems, the designers can always find satisfied design element, and GANI is very active to strength designer communication around the world.

  • 10.How can I became GANI distributor? Do you have any support on distribution partner ship?

    You are always welcomed to join us! For your new registration and application please find region sale mangers in contact page. Based on distribution partnership catalogue and level, we have different support policy regarding gallery display, promotion, training, service, application. Working with us to grow your business is our mission of partner relationship. You can also find more co-marketing activities between region distributor and us in the distributor pages.

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