This large flat house with Italian luxury style is amazing


Project information

Location | Ganzhou Park Da Guan

Type | Penthouse

Area | 300m²

Style | Italian-style luxury

Products | Assinis Grey, Statuario Calacatta, Amani Brown

This is a 300 m² penthouse, designed in the style of Italian extravagance.

As soon as you walk in the door, you can feel that the layout is very open.

The overall lighting design and soft furnishings with the effect are very brilliant!

It has a detailed texture and an overall great look.

flooring tile

The living room and dining room are open, so the north-south air flow is soothing.

Open design opens up the space to the fullest

Wood veneers on the walls for an extravagant, minimalist feel

Statuario Calacatta for the TV background wall in the living room

The floor is used with Assinis Grey

Contrasting colors for a stronger visual impact

wall tile

Italian light luxury style overall effect

The entire living room is very large.

How to maximize the use of space for a functional layout

The homeowner gave us a great demonstration.

Divide the living room in two.

Traditional meeting area and casual tea room side by side.

One space for different family living needs

flooring tile

Living room layout: traditional reception area and leisure tea room

The whole house floor is paved with Assinis Grey with connected veins.

The tiles texture is paved according to its vein direction with seamless joint paving.

Connected veins allows the natural extension of the texture, a more three-dimensional effect.

Seamless eliminate the cutting sensation caused by wide gaps.

Achieving the ultimate in infinite visual experience.


Close up of living room floor: the seamless joint paving effect of Assinis Grey

The soft design of the parlor is carpeting

And then because the overall effect of the floor tiles was so stunning

The owner immediately decided to return the carpet.

Because he don't want to ruin the integrity of the floor.

flooring tile

Dining room: Assinis Grey seamless joint paving and connected veins effect

Next let's look at the dining room and kitchen.

There is another unique feature of the whole house design zoning

It's two kitchens, side by side.

To the right is the open kitchen with bar.

Statuario Calacatta with seamless joint paving for a clean, sophisticated look.

This place mainly serves cold food and refreshments.

On the left is the one-piece kitchen where Chinese food is cooked.

Family-friendly, sleek and minimalist detailing


Kitchen flooring: Assinis Grey seamless joint paving and connected veins effect

Finally, let's look at the bathroom.

Continuation of the minimalist tone of gray and white

The walls are Statuario Calacatta and the floor is Armani Brown.

Classic, durable, easy to care for and comfortable.

The separation of wet and dry design zones is also cleverly handled.

The sink, toilet and shower areas have glass partitions.

Care and refinement are evident in every aspect of the home.

wall tile

Bathroom: Statuario Calacatta + Armani Brown

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